Searching Boat Rentals Nassau Bahamas? Pick Up Four Catamaran Quotes Now!

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That’s Right!

If your looking for quotes on boat rentals Nassau Bahamas and have an appetite for catamarans, then your in the right place!

In a hurry and want those quotes to go? Then choose below!

Be Suprised off peak $8,500 peak $12,450 weekly rate

Glamorous Oteka $7,000 off peak $15,290 peak weekly rates

Charter a Leopard! On/off peak $5,495 weekly rate

Let’s talk pick up points!

Boat rentals Nassau Bahamas can start in Nassau for direct, unabridged access to the delights of these stunning islands.

Or you can get collected key side in Miami, whatever suits your travel plans. Your professional yacht broker will liaise with the yacht owner to ensure your holiday requirements are met.

Did you say “yacht broker”?

Yes, yacht brokers act as a type of service guarantee for your vacation plans. They do all the preparation for you and best of all at no extra cost! If you have chartered before then you will be familiar with yacht brokers. If you would like to learn more read this page.Or visit Boatbookings.

Moving on to boat rentals Bahamas

Lets’ check out those catamarans and family friendly quotes!

Boat and Captain only

Be Suprised with beach rentals Bahamas!

Off peak $8,500 / week peak $12,450 / week

Get closer to the beach with Suprise a White 48! She has got all the amenities and entertainment you will need to enjoy a crewed sailing catamaran charter! Coordinate the dream of your family experience by choosing the activities you want to do! Pick from:

Snorkelling, diving, floating lounge rafts, fishing, beach games and swimming!

And that is just water based fun! There are lots of on board entertainments as well! Don’t miss:

The BBQ, hammocks, trampoline or stereo!

Be Suprised with your charter quote now!

Enjoy Oteka the glamorous Lagoon 440

From $7,000 to $15,290 weekly rate inclusive

Hailing from France, Oteka brings a sense of Mediterranean sparkle to your dedicated family time! She is the perfect yacht to get away from it all over the holiday period. Great whilst under sail between the islands of the Bahamian archipelago or at anchor whilst you explore golden beaches that run for miles.

Get your family behind you and discover the charms of Oteka immediately!

Did we mention there is a Leopard 47 on the run?

Only $5,495 on/off peak

She has no claws and is a real charmer! It’s time to prowl paradise and live the dream as you explore exotic destinations on board this feline fantasy! Ideal for you and your friends with four double cabins. With a weekly rate equal year round, you will have peace of mind as you discover fantastic coves, beautiful beaches, terrific night life and much more!

Leopard tamers only! Apply here, now!

Whichever one of these fabulous catamarans you charter on your vacation, you have the assurance of first rate, premium quality service at all stages. That is what sets Boatbookings apart from the rest of the fleet for chartering solutions on line.

If your inspired by chartering

and want a quote for another yacht type or destination, then fill out the dedicated form below.

In partnership with Yacht Charter

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The Best Beach Rentals Bahamas Has To Offer

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It is all about choices

for beach rentals Bahamas! First choice is your sailboat – catamarans are the recommendation! So you can moor off your favourite beach and indulge your whims! Your second choice is:

What kind of beach are you looking for?

The islands making up The Bahamas are blessed with all kinds of beaches! See for yourself!

  • Long ones
  • Short ones
  • Activity based ones
  • Quiet ones
  • White ones
  • Pink ones

This is the beach rentals Bahamas life!

That’s quite a collection! I’m sure you can agree? Boat rentals Bahamas is all about making the right decision for holiday and boating needs.

This post is focused on catamarans as a useful vessel type for getting in close to those fabulous beaches! Let’s go through a few of those beaches, by island, to give you the best feel of them before you get your details logged for boat rentals Nassau Bahamas.

Paradise Island

Home to the capital Nassau. There are sixteen beaches to choose from overall, here are four to be getting on with!

Blue Lagoon Island

An evocative name for somewhere you can truly relax, in hammocks, under a sun umbrella, in the surf. Sample local barbecue delicacies and swim in the delightful lagoon. Don’t miss the Dolphin Encounters!

Cabbage Beach

Renowned as being one of the most beautiful of the Bahamian beaches, don’t be put off by the name! This is an activity beach for para sailing, snorkeling, water skiing and also an amazing massage service is available six days a week.

Dolphin encounter Blue Lagoon

Cable Beach

Is for those who enjoy the resort atmosphere and activities. Stunning sandy beaches stretch for miles, side by side a fabled golf course. This is the destination to go for thriving international night life!

Montagu Beach

Plays home to the 18th century fort that guards the Eastern entrance to Nasssau’s harbour. The promenade has a lively Caribbean feel in the evenings. And enjoys lots of sights, sounds and cuisines!

Grand Bahamas Island

Below are a few selected beaches which represent the chilled environment of this spectacular island.

Golden Rock Beach

This well named venue is a super spot at low tide! You can see why it’s called Golden Rock as the sands are revealed!

Golden Rock Beach

Peterson Cay National Park

You will need your beach rentals Bahamas yacht to reach this offshore treasure! It is a small island which is a protected national park. Offering amazing snorkeling and reefs. It is possible to rent a kayak for total exploration

Peterson Cay National Park

So many beaches I could not possibly

fit them all into this post! The island chain includes:

  • The Abacos,
  • Andros
  • Bimini
  • Cat Island
  • Eleuthera/Harbor Island
  • The Exumas
  • Long Island

It’s simply best to wet your appetite and to set your imagination free on this post! You can obtain a detailed guide to the beaches of the Bahamas and local knowledge from your Boatbookings representative, once you have logged your details on the form

yacht charter destiny Bahamas

If you are looking to treat yourself, family and guests can be invited to join you for the vacation of a life time! Find out more about charter yacht Destiny Bahamas now!

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Leading Boat Rentals Bahamas

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There are some

major advantages to boat rentals Bahamas. This leading category post is designed to direct you to the optimal information source for your chartering needs.

Welcome to boat rentals Bahamas!

Destiny – Bahamas

Let me first hi light the opportunity of charter yacht Destiny Bahamas to you. This magnificent craft is widely acclaimed within the chartering world. Destiny is so popular, she actually has her own listings in the search engines!

Charrter yacht Destiny Bahamas

Nassau – Bahamas

Naturally being the capital of this wonderful collection of islands, you may wish to select from boat rentals Nassau Bahamas. There are plenty of distractions in Nassau, so check out the details on this post. You can also pick out your custom built vessel of choice with the help of the professional staff of yachtbrokers

Boat rentals Nassau Bahamas

The beach scene

Because these islands just to the South East of Miami are so rich in stunning coastal scenery, there is a collection of yachts for beach rentals Bahamas. As you will agree, the best way to explore a coastal paradise is on a yacht!

This is the beach rentals Bahamas life!

Long Island on Bahamas

To the South of the island cluster of Bahamas, you will find Long Island Bahamas vacation rentals. This is diving heaven! There are established companies who can provide fantastic dives on this Bahamas out island.

View of Long Island Bahamas vacation rentals

Boat rentals

You may like the Bahamas as an ideal vacation, but would like an overview of what is on offer. Bahamas boat rentals allows you to reach an informed decision on the best yacht, mega yacht or catamaran for you and your guests.

Surprise – White 48

Surprise is the word for this refitted catamaran! She is a custom built – high spec yacht. Each hull is fitted out with it’s own king size stateroom and lounge. There are also spacious single cabins forward as well. This elegant craft is attractively priced for chartering. Find out more below!

Custom built and refitted ready for your family

Welcome Surpise booking form here!

Little Castle – Marquis 60

Guests all agree that this is the best name for this Italian inspired motor yacht. She is always in pristine condition and ideal for your Bahamian charter! For weekly charters she can easily sleep four adults and two children. If your interested in chartering this splendid vessel for day trips the maximum number of guests is twelve. She is the perfect vessel for a whistle stop tour of the many stunning islands!

Italian style built in USA

Book Little Castle for your big adventure now!

Sparrow – Lagoon 62

The crew on Sparrow believe she flies gracefully across the wave tops! At sixty two feet long and twin hulled you will believe too! She has mirror accommodation in each hull: Extensive room in each of the four cabins, two in each hull. The skipper is renowned for fulfilling the aspirations of holiday guests. Meanwhile chef has recently been acclaimed at the Antigua Boat Show!

Sparrow surfs the waves in comfort and style

Charter Sparrow For your flight now!


The islands making up the Bahamas boast one hundred thousand square miles of pristine tropical waters. The average year round water temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit! no wonder that visitors are specifically researching Bahamas inclusive sailing scuba vacation. What a combination of relaxing activities!

Take a Bahamas inclusive sailing scuba vacation step!

Yacht charter Bahamas

With such a selection of yachts available, yacht charter Bahamas is an ideal destination for families. You can be an experienced yachtsman looking for a particular bareboat vessel, or a novice who appreciates quality service from dedicated staff.

Yacht charter Bahamas

Chartering is a versatile experience for everyone! Hopefully you are inspired by these seven posts. Please bookmark this post as the particular areas of interest are being researched and written. Just now when you click a link, you will be taken direct to the top of the range yachts available through our charter partners Boatbookings.

Fill in the form below with you details to get your boat rental started!

In partnership with Yacht Charter

Bahamas yacht charter is a not to be missed opportunity! You can look forward to hassle free vacation days, in one of the most beautiful and laid back collection of islands on offer! And if your traveling from the States, then you have all this fun right on your door step! Go, enjoy yourselves!

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